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If you would like to support the creation of new Australian work for the operatic stage there are a few ways - and they are all tax deductible!

  • DONATE  We are determined to create paid work for Australian creatives & your donations are an integral part of this. See below to find out what we need and where your money will go. All donations are via the Australian Cultural Fund and are tax deductible.

  •  IN-KIND SUPPORT We welcome rehearsal and workshop space, event hosting and technical, legal & admin support.

  • SPONSOR We are happy to discuss corporate sponsorship.

  • SUBSCRIBE Sign up to our mailing list and social media accounts and share the love to anyone you think might be interested.

We are currently seeking funds to research and develop our projects ELSIE & LITTLE LON. All donations over $10,000 will get credit in published programs, press releases and name/logo placement on our website.


Employs a grant writing consultant for one of our projects. Essential for us to access the government funding we need.





Employs up to 6 creatives  (Composers, Writers, Dramaturgs & Performers) for

4 weeks of development on one of our current projects.


Employs 2 researchers for one month - working on one of our projects. We are committed to researching our historical subjects with a culturally and experience appropriate focus.




Employs up to 4 creatives (Composers, Writers, Dramaturgs) for between 3-6 months

to create a first draft - Score & Libretto for one of our projects.



Employs up to 4 creatives (Composers, Writers, Dramaturgs) for an intensive 1 week development on one of our current projects.




Employs up to 8 creatives (Researchers,Composers, Writers, Dramaturgs & Performers) as well as covers all admin costs to get one of our projects through all 4 stages of research & development and onto paper with the delivery of a first draft of a score and libretto.

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