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We work with presenters and producers to create new Australian work for the stage. Focusing on opera and cabaret, Fluxus brings together ideas, creative teams and writers to work alongside presenters to bring unique theatre to life.


With a focus on nurturing established Australian artists and creators with an emphasis on presenting a diverse and intersectional array of works.



Some say opera is a dying art form, but we here at FLUXUS believe that the raw power of the operatic voice combined with the majesty of a live orchestral score is, and will always be, the most direct way to deliver visceral emotion directly into an audience's soul*.

But we also believe that there is room to expand what opera can be and how it is presented. By working with experienced Australian creatives from all artistic genres, we can redefine and reinvent without discarding the classical canon.

* is this hyperbole? I mean, yes probably, but we do also really believe in the power and majesty (and sometimes glorious satirical nonsense) of opera.



flux: a state of continuous change

To be in flux is to be in a constant state of change. Fluxos is a Latin term for Flowing. The name Fluxus was used by a sub group of Dada artists in the 1960s who played an important role in opening up the definitions of what art can be. It saw a diverse range of art forms and approaches existing and flourishing side-by-side.


Fluxus had no single unifying style. Artists used a range of media and processes adopting a ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude to creative activity.


With this homage to these creative minds, we hope to breath fresh air into the vibrant art form that OPERA can be. Drawing on an eclectic range of art makers & theatrical styles to create new, Australian work. 




Fluxus is a company created by performer and curator Ali McGregor. After starting her career as a principal soprano with Opera Australia hse soon ran away with the circus in the form of international touring cabaret shows. After her appointment as artistic director of Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2016-2018 she has gone on to create a number of cabaret shows including the Helpmann Award winning show Yma Sumac: The Peruvian Songbird in 2019.


In 2017 she brought an idea of a new opera to Victorian Opera. Based on the german folkloric tale of the maiden on the rock singing the sailors to their death she saw the potential for an important conversation around female sensuality and agency. With her keen eye for collaborations she brought together composer Julian Langdon with Casey Bennetto & Gillian Cosgriff to create an operatic hybrid that drew on folk narratives, modern day satire and the sensibility of feminist burlesque. She brought in Sarah Giles to direct bringing with her the creative team of Marg Horwell & Paul Jackson. With the full support and guidance of Richard Mills and Victorian Opera LORELEI opened at the Malthouse Theatre in 2018 starring Ali, Antoinette Halloran & Dimity Shepherd. 


The piece was a triumph being described in the press as: "A highly entertaining evening with a social message” The Age; and "From music and lyrics to set and costumes, it’s an engaging package whose appeal goes well beyond the usual opera crowd.” Limelight.


Fluxus hopes to bring more ideas to the operatic stage that tell stories that resonate with modern day Australian audiences. We hope to amplify Australian voices, artists and composers collaborating with opera companies, festivals and producers.

Ali is joined by Wendy Richards of Working Management. A manager and producer with over 2 decades of experience working with artists  

Before founding Working Management in 2004, Wendy Richards spent 15 years in the international touring arena. Working both as an Agent in the UK and as Director of Tours for Michael Coppel Presents, one of Australia’s busiest Tour Promoters, touring artists such as Tina Turner, Celine Dion, Elvis Costello, U2, Green Day, Paul Simon, Destiny’s Child and Janet Jackson.

Over the last 15 years, Wendy has actively built close relationships within the international and domestic entertainment industries and commercial world alike.